After such a long time of worrying about how to use RapidWeaver Stacks and accessing RW training sites and the intricacies of HTML, I think I may now be able to use audio files and put simple players in my diaries without the need for Audioboo(m) or embed code from another site, for regular audio diary updates!

Here I seem to have successfully uploaded a test file (courtesy of @FreakyFwoof, thanks)!

This is how simple it has been all along….!



My Last Post On Audioboo(m)

My last post on Audioboo(m).

(2017-09-22 - I included a thank you to Shannon @gwenllian, I hope she heard it.)


Blue Peter Presenters

Mine were Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves and John Noakes - “Get Down Shep” - who were yours?

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Comments is Born


Such a lot of things to think about when you set up your own domain website:

  • Buy domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Ensure Nameservers are correct
  • Ensure DNS settings are correct
  • Get your hosting Username and Password
  • Find out how to publish
  • Buy WYSIWYG website creation/publishing software
  • Understand how to use the software
  • Set theme
  • Decide content of website
  • Create separate webpages
  • Make a favicon
  • Write content
  • Find images etc. and insert
  • Set up site specific email address(es)
  • Set up mail software inbox settings to receive mail from website
  • Check mail link works in sync on hosting website, on domain website and in mail program
  • Read up on Google Analytics code needed to track traffic to site
  • Insert code in each webpage for analytics tracking
  • Keep code snippets in a safe place for later
  • Keep saving content often
  • Publish
  • Find out what you messed up or forgot
  • Alter in software
  • Re-Publish
  • Repeat last 3 steps as many times as necessary
  • Work out how to add code items from the internet, e.g. YouTube embed code
  • Find out information for adding Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and buttons
  • Find out how to add Audioboos to site from RSS feed from Audioboo website or from Sair’s Boos iTunes podcast
  • Find out how on earth I am going to add the vast amounts of my best downloaded Posterous content to this diary

I haven’t yet worked out how to do the last 4 yet and I’m sure I am going to add to this list in the future as I make up my own website without reading any manuals! I’ve been awake all night! Nearly 6am! Been awake almost 24 hours! I need sleep…


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Publishing Success!

A new fresh start in the New Year and EasySpace - after spending months promising they’d sort out my settings - have finally got it right. As I eventually got the ftp settings for publishing correct and *their* settings were correct too, I blurted out “Bloody Hell!” several times as the “Test Connection” did *not* provide an error message, but reported success. I hit the publish button and several more “Bloody Hell” outbursts and seconds later, my site is now viewable in my browser! I can’t quite believe it!


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Welcome to I’m pleased you have dropped in and decided to read my diary. Why not bookmark the link to this diary and join me on my life journey?

New content to watch added here regularly and the collection is growing. Enjoy!

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