Cilla Black Interview

Cilla Black talks to Whispering Bob Harris


Cilla - Alfie

Forget Dionne Warwick and Cher… alongside 'Liverpool Lullaby', *this* is my favourite Cilla recording.

From Wikipedia:
"I said I'd only do it if Burt Bacharach himself did the arrangement, never thinking for one moment that he would. [When] the reply came back from America that he'd be happy to...I said I would only do it if Burt came over to London for the recording session. 'Yes,' came the reply. Next I said that as well as the arrangements and coming over, he had to play [piano] on the session. To my astonishment it was agreed that Burt would do all three. So by this time, coward that I was, I really couldn't back out."
The session for Cilla Black's recording of "Alfie" took place in the autumn of 1965 at Studio One,
Abbey Road Studios and was overseen by Black's regular producer George Martin. In addition to the agreed arranging and piano playing, Bacharach conducted a 48-piece orchestra which played on the session which also featured the Breakaways as background vocalists. According to Black, Bacharach had her cut eighteen complete takes before he was satisfied with her vocal while Bacharach's estimation of the session's total number of takes, including partial ones, is as high as "twenty-eight or twenty-nine...I kept going [thinking] can we get it a little better...[add] just some magic[?]".

Besides thinking about Cilla's family, I'm feeling for Paul O'Grady right now. He's completely cut up about Cilla's passing. Sad