Tatty Bye Doddy

Today Liverpool says final goodbye to a fondly loved Knotty Ash neighbour, Ken Dodd. The funeral procession leaves for the Anglican Cathedral at 11am and there will be a broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside and a giant screen outside the Cathedral.

I love the bright idea of leaving tickling sticks on Liverpool statues…. 'Tatty Bye Doddy… Tatty Bye.'

2018-03-28 Doddy's Funeral

George Martin

I wish I'd known George Martin personally. His voice and his manner was always calming to me. This morning the world is waking up to the sad news of his death. I'm spending my day listening to George interviews and watching George tv programmes. My condolences to Giles, Judy and family.

You can find 'Arena - Produced By George Martin' HERE and Desert Island Discs 1982 and 1995, and George Martin Record Producer on the Listen page.


Trevor Dann

This is a very interesting interview with Trevor Dann, a man who has shaped much of my radio listening over the years.


Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett was such fun and I miss him a lot. I know The Beatles liked fellow Liverpudlian Kenny and he used to occasionally play recordings of the Beatles which sounded like they'd been stolen from Brian Epstein's private collection! Maybe they were! They were little gems. I'd like to have known Kenny personally. I need to dig out his biography which I haven't read yet.

These are his explanations of his sackings. He didn't have much of a filter when it came to expressing his opinions, bless him. But that's why I loved him. Happy


Cilla Black Interview

Cilla Black talks to Whispering Bob Harris



This moment has always been and will forever be, for me, the very best moment ever from live telly / an awards show… from dear, dear Spike.


Mike Oldfield - Serpent Dream (Live)

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Mike Oldfield - Punkadiddle (Live)

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The Suicide Risk Of Bipolar Disorder

Stephen goes through the same thoughts as many of us plagued with depression. We understand.

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John Lennon's "Can You Hear Me Mother?"

On October 24th 2010, I posted in my Posterous Sair’s Lair a snippet of John Lennon yelling “Can You Hear Me Mother?” during the recording of Whatever Gets You Through The Night. This morning I’ve been listening to a recording of the Savile Row Rooftop Concert 30th January 1969 and find another, clearer yelling of the same thing.

Here’s the blurb I put together for my blog back then…

‘John Lennon Shouts Catchphrase “Can You Hear Me Mother?”

I have just discovered John Lennon shouting Sandy Powell's catchphrase, "Can You Hear Me Mother?" - an oft heard phrase in our home from my Dad who copied Sandy's voice accent too.  John does exactly the same sing-song voice - copying Sandy as if singing the notes of his spoken voice (if you know what I mean).

This can be heard towards the end of the long note on "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" at about 2:42.

Something about Sandy...


Sandy Powell (b 30 Jan 1900 d 26 Jun 1982) Sandy Powell was one of the most successful comedians of his generation. He started performing at the age of five when his mother lied and said he was eleven! He was one of the first comedians to realise the importance of records and released a whole series of 78s of his sketches that sold in the millions. Rather than take an outright fee he was canny enough to take a penny per disc.

Sandy showed the same Yorkshire acumen in his film career starting in 1933 with Pathe Pictorials' short two-reelers of his stage shows before moving into feature films with The Third String (1933) and Can You Hear Me Mother (1935). Inevitably he was invited by John E Blakeley to Manchester where he starred in the first film to be produced at the Dickenson Road Studios - Cup Tie Honeymoon (1947). Until his death, he remained a huge success on television and the stage, being awarded an MBE in 1975.’

Here’s the Whatever Gets You Through The Night “Can you hear me mother?”
and here’s the Savile Row Rooftop “Can you hear me mother?”

Interesting isn’t it?! Happy

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