Tatty Bye Doddy

Today Liverpool says final goodbye to a fondly loved Knotty Ash neighbour, Ken Dodd. The funeral procession leaves for the Anglican Cathedral at 11am and there will be a broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside and a giant screen outside the Cathedral.

I love the bright idea of leaving tickling sticks on Liverpool statues…. 'Tatty Bye Doddy… Tatty Bye.'

2018-03-28 Doddy's Funeral

Dee Got A First!

I'm bursting with pride! Dee got a FIRST!


Thank You Card From Dee

2014-09-04 Dee's Card 1
2015-09-04 Dee's Card 2

The Suicide Risk Of Bipolar Disorder

Stephen goes through the same thoughts as many of us plagued with depression. We understand.

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Comments is Born


Such a lot of things to think about when you set up your own domain website:

  • Buy domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Ensure Nameservers are correct
  • Ensure DNS settings are correct
  • Get your hosting Username and Password
  • Find out how to publish
  • Buy WYSIWYG website creation/publishing software
  • Understand how to use the software
  • Set theme
  • Decide content of website
  • Create separate webpages
  • Make a favicon
  • Write content
  • Find images etc. and insert
  • Set up site specific email address(es)
  • Set up mail software inbox settings to receive mail from website
  • Check mail link works in sync on hosting website, on domain website and in mail program
  • Read up on Google Analytics code needed to track traffic to site
  • Insert code in each webpage for analytics tracking
  • Keep code snippets in a safe place for later
  • Keep saving content often
  • Publish
  • Find out what you messed up or forgot
  • Alter in software
  • Re-Publish
  • Repeat last 3 steps as many times as necessary
  • Work out how to add code items from the internet, e.g. YouTube embed code
  • Find out information for adding Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and buttons
  • Find out how to add Audioboos to site from RSS feed from Audioboo website or from Sair’s Boos iTunes podcast
  • Find out how on earth I am going to add the vast amounts of my best downloaded Posterous content to this diary

I haven’t yet worked out how to do the last 4 yet and I’m sure I am going to add to this list in the future as I make up my own website without reading any manuals! I’ve been awake all night! Nearly 6am! Been awake almost 24 hours! I need sleep…


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Publishing Success!

A new fresh start in the New Year and EasySpace - after spending months promising they’d sort out my settings - have finally got it right. As I eventually got the ftp settings for publishing correct and *their* settings were correct too, I blurted out “Bloody Hell!” several times as the “Test Connection” did *not* provide an error message, but reported success. I hit the publish button and several more “Bloody Hell” outbursts and seconds later, my site is now viewable in my browser! I can’t quite believe it!


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