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For many years on Audioboo my very good friend, Mac, posted his audio morning thoughts on Audioboo, then Audioboom but as the latter became greedy for money with a limit of 4 podcasts per month, we lost this daily pleasure. Today I'm delighted to find that Mac has started posting his morning thoughts again! I really hope you continue, every day, Mac! Your commentary on the weather, plants and birds in your lovely garden is something I would not miss. Hearing you again and the familiar cupatee dregs throw brought smiles to my face. Thank you for being such a good friend to me, Mac. 😃


My Last Post On Audioboo(m)

My last post on Audioboo(m).

(2017-09-22 - I included a thank you to Shannon @gwenllian, I hope she heard it.)


David Hamilton

As a 55-year-old listener of early Radio 1 and 2 and viewer of 70's Top Of The Pops, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this David Hamilton podcast talking about his radio life. Highly informative and entertaining. Many thanks to David Lloyd for sharing so many interesting 'Conversations' in this series.


Trevor Dann

This is a very interesting interview with Trevor Dann, a man who has shaped much of my radio listening over the years.


Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett was such fun and I miss him a lot. I know The Beatles liked fellow Liverpudlian Kenny and he used to occasionally play recordings of the Beatles which sounded like they'd been stolen from Brian Epstein's private collection! Maybe they were! They were little gems. I'd like to have known Kenny personally. I need to dig out his biography which I haven't read yet.

These are his explanations of his sackings. He didn't have much of a filter when it came to expressing his opinions, bless him. But that's why I loved him. Happy


Cilla Black Interview

Cilla Black talks to Whispering Bob Harris


Colossus At 70

This TNMOC recording is from just a short while before Jerry’s death earlier this year.
Bletchley Park audio podcast continues to provide fascinating eye-witness interviews.


BBC Four, BBC3 And A Tweet Reply From @StephenFry!

I am passionate about BBC Four’s programming. Its content’s worth is far above that of any other channel for me. Whilst I do understand the need for BBC3 for younger viewers and don’t want to see it go, if it’s a choice between BBC3 and BBC Four, it’s 3 that would have to go, for me.

I agree with Stephen that the merging of BBC2 and BBC4 would be a disaster.
BBC4 is a haven for everyone who values quality in television.

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The Suicide Risk Of Bipolar Disorder

Stephen goes through the same thoughts as many of us plagued with depression. We understand.

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