The Sun Goes Down - Thin Lizzy

I recorded this great live Thin Lizzy performance onto VHS video tape at the time too. The Tube studios look quite large on this clip but in real life they were quite small - it's where I met Paul and Linda McCartney - spoke with them both and got Paul's autograph. Every Friday evening the national focus was on Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and the music at The Tube at Tyne Tees Television. I've temporarily removed the 'Rewind The Tube' programme from the Watch page but it will eventually return.


Beatles Cash?

I read somewhere recently a story about how someone was sent out before a Beatles concert to sell programmes to the fans and the cash was placed in briefcases or suitcases and handed to the Beatles. I reckon this was a regular practice; no wonder George was smiling on this photo. Happy

Beatles Money

Beatles 1

Restoration of The Beatles 1 Video Collection: Part 1/5

Restoration of The Beatles 1 Video Collection: Part 2/5

The Beatles - Revolution


Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett was such fun and I miss him a lot. I know The Beatles liked fellow Liverpudlian Kenny and he used to occasionally play recordings of the Beatles which sounded like they'd been stolen from Brian Epstein's private collection! Maybe they were! They were little gems. I'd like to have known Kenny personally. I need to dig out his biography which I haven't read yet.

These are his explanations of his sackings. He didn't have much of a filter when it came to expressing his opinions, bless him. But that's why I loved him. Happy


Beatles With Mike And Bernie Winters

I can't say I've ever seen this photo with Mike and Bernie Winters before. I'm guessing this is from the Sunday 1 September 1964 Big Night Out on ITV (ABC).

See the Watch page for more about the Big Night Out shows.