Tubular Bells II (Live In Edinburgh Castle 1992) - Mike Oldfield

I can't listen to song lyrics anymore. Tubular Bells II and Ommadawn are a comfort to me.


Two people I care such a lot about are suffering and it’s been torture for me to witness. Know there’s no more listening or eavesdropping; can’t bear it anymore, I’m gone.

Gets So Lonely - Stealers Wheel

Nothing is lost and nothing's gained,
It's the same old situation again,
No, I can't give or take anymore.

Gets so lonely there's really nothing left to say,
Gets so lonely and everything's so far away.

No one is right and no one's wrong,
How can I say right now which side I'm on?
No, I can't give or take anymore.

Gets so lonely there's really nothing left to say,
Gets so lonely and everything's so far away.

Waiting For Death

to you 'twas a game
for me it was shame
and fear; ruled my world
nowt but worry unfurled
lost freedom of thought
and the comfort I sought
all taken away
no need to stay
alone messed my head
i want to be dead
SJS Monday 25th June 2018

Carpool Karaoke - Paul McCartney

Oldfield Instruments

Today someone asked, 'Does anyone still play instruments?' Well, yes!

I like most of multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield’s music. I know It's not everyone’s cup of tea. Due to the return of Mike's old style of playing/recording I decided to look up Mike Oldfield’s comments on recording ‘Return To Ommadawn’. Here are a few….


“The first thing I did was rebuild the original instruments I played on Ommadawn, starting with the bodhrán which I learned to play back in the ‘70s, and then the mandolin. Then I got a wonderful hand-built guitar which features heavily, then a flamenco guitar. While Ommadawn had a recorder, I can’t play it, so instead had penny whistles in different keys. I played a Gibson SG electric guitar on the original album, and got a new one, but after trying loads of plug-ins could only get almost that same sound again by playing through a Boogie acoustic amplifier. And I played the acoustic bass guitar and a ukulele, which I love, and the African drums myself, and a Celtic harp. I find it very easy to play these things — not properly, of course, but enough…."

“I’m put off by an electronic click track so to set the tempo I got an old-fashioned wind-up metronome which I recorded on a microphone. Some sections I didn’t want a click track at all so played them free so they speed up and slow down. There’s no sequencing at all on it….”

“As for keyboards, living out in the Bahamas I couldn’t get a real Mellotron, a massive thing, nor a Solina string synthesizer, nor the organs, a Vox Continental and Farfisa Professional. Luckily people have recreated virtual reality versions of all these things as plug-ins, even the Clavioline, the main instrument on Telstar by The Tornados, one of the first singles I ever bought. And I had to have a real glockenspiel….”

“I thought there should be a few little things of the original album in there so took some vocal bits of the original Ommadawn, cut them in pieces, sound effects treated them, reversed them and edited them back together, and gradually over an afternoon a new melody appeared with a strange otherworldly sound.”

The Beatles' 'Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite' comes to mind here. George Martin: 'I got hold of old calliope tapes, playing Stars And Stripes Forever and other Sousa marches, chopped the tapes up into small sections and had Geoff Emerick throw them up in the air, re-assembling them at random.'

I find Mike’s music needs 5 or 6 listens to really get into it and I’m hooked on Return To Ommadawn right now. I don't think it'll oust my joint-favourite, the brilliant original Ommadawn (joint with Tubular Bells II) but thank goodness Mike returned to the style of his first 3 albums!

Read all about it.

Wildflower - Skylark

She's faced the hardest times you could imagine
And many times her eyes fought back the tears
And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time her slender shoulders
Bore the weight of all her fears
And a sorrow no one hears
Still rings in midnight silence
in her ears

Let her cry, for she's a lady
Let her dream, for she's a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She's a free and gentle flower
growing wild

And if by chance that I should hold her
Let me hold her for a time
But if allowed just one possession
I would pick her from the garden to be mine

Be careful how you touch her for she’ll awaken
And sleep’s the only freedom that she knows
And when you walk into her eyes you won’t believe
The way she’s always paying for a debt she never owes
And a silent wind still blows that only she can hear
And so she goes

Let her cry, for she’s a lady
Let her dream, for she’s a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She’s a free and gentle flower
growing wild



Springwatch is back! Nests and chirping from the live cam feeds. Full screen. Calming for 3 whole weeks. Laugh

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Mike Oldfield - Serpent Dream (Live)

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