Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett was such fun and I miss him a lot. I know The Beatles liked fellow Liverpudlian Kenny and he used to occasionally play interesting private recordings of the Beatles on his Radio 2 shows.

These are his explanations of his sackings. He didn't have much of a filter when it came to expressing his opinions, bless him. But that's why I loved him.

Bletchley Park: Gordon Welchman

This made me laugh today whilst watching 'Bletchley Park: Code-breaking's Forgotten Genius'…

A German Enigma user used to communicate 'Lone aircraft approaching' - so Hut 6 at Bletchley used to send a plane out there to him - to help with cracking enigma's fresh daily code. So clever!

EDIT: 2018-05-22 Here's the programme…

2015-09-11 Bletchley Park Gordon Welchman

2015-09-11 Bletchey Park