Beatles Sessions

I'm not keen on the way the official Beatles posts are amalgamating sessions sounds nowadays. I prefer to listen to the original session tapes beatlegs without false interjections from other recordings, like the Think For Yourself sessions. There's nothing wrong with this, in fact I like to hear it, but it is a false representation of what happened at the time and I just prefer to hear it without being tampered with.


Tatty Bye Doddy

Today Liverpool says final goodbye to a fondly loved Knotty Ash neighbour, Ken Dodd. The funeral procession leaves for the Anglican Cathedral at 11am and there will be a broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside and a giant screen outside the Cathedral.

I love the bright idea of leaving tickling sticks on Liverpool statues…. 'Tatty Bye Doddy… Tatty Bye.'

2018-03-28 Doddy's Funeral


Check out some photos of Auchenlarie Holiday Park. What a great place to enjoy a break!


Morning Thoughts

For many years on Audioboo my very good friend, Mac, posted his audio morning thoughts on Audioboo, then Audioboom but as the latter became greedy for money with a limit of 4 podcasts per month, we lost this daily pleasure. Today I'm delighted to find that Mac has started posting his morning thoughts again! I really hope you continue, every day, Mac! Your commentary on the weather, plants and birds in your lovely garden is something I would not miss. Hearing you again and the familiar cupatee dregs throw brought smiles to my face. Thank you for being such a good friend to me, Mac. πŸ˜ƒ



After such a long time of worrying about how to use RapidWeaver Stacks and accessing RW training sites and the intricacies of HTML, I think I may now be able to use audio files and put simple players in my diaries without the need for Audioboo(m) or embed code from another site, for regular audio diary updates!

Here I seem to have successfully uploaded a test file (courtesy of @FreakyFwoof, thanks)!

This is how simple it has been all along….!



Hank and Jim

If you like good 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s music why not join me and friends for a listen and chat at Hank and Jim? Many, like myself, like The Beatles and Pete (see below) is the expert in that regard. I'm usually there 6am GMT Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturday mornings a bit before 9am GMT for after hours. Direct link to the Hank and Jim Radio Network above. All those who appreciate proper good music are welcome!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 09.38.23

Mum's Musical Influence

We all brainwash our children. Happy


Dad and Dee

This is perhaps my favourite saved Instagram photo and comments.
My father and my daughter together in my dad's garden.



Took a snap whilst waiting for our grocery delivery and I'm pleased and relieved to say following the 'Beast From The East" we now have fresh milk.

The snow can't have made the Polyanthus look worse than the mess the slugs have already made and I'm curious to see how the crocus have fared. They were in flower this time last year.

Thawing #snow #slush #garden #sleet

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There hasn't been much snowfall over the last 24 hours so, thankfully, it seems to be very slowly melting as temperatures are expected to rise very slowly over the next week. Crocus were flattened.

2018-03-03 Snow copy

March Snow

Running out of milk for coffee. No transport. Farmers are having to dump milk because of problems with tankers in and out of their farms.

At least our snow isn't as bad as this poor farmer's. He opened his door to this…. and the animals must be fed.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 01.49.34

I'm Back!

Hello! I'm back! I apologise for this website being neglected. I aim to put things right from now on with regular updates.

First of all, I've added a Garden Diary to record my time in our little back yard with our [mostly] shrubs.

In future, when I've done some reading about Rapidweaver and found out how to take old pages down in EasySpace, to educate myself, I intend to add a few new video and audio clips and there should be a monthly turnaround with old material taken down and new for you to see. I've saved a treasure trove of material to share with you over time.

There will still be Beatles and select social media content published here which will probably be erratic because life gets in the way sometimes. Happy

Hope to see you again soon.



2018-01-26 Crocus

οΏΌThe old plants from last year had been left in the wall plot and crocus shoots were found underneath when I cleared them out.

My Last Post On Audioboo(m)

My last post on Audioboo(m).

(2017-09-22 - I included a thank you to Shannon @gwenllian, I hope she heard it.)


David Hamilton

As a 55-year-old listener of early Radio 1 and 2 and viewer of 70's Top Of The Pops, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this David Hamilton podcast talking about his radio life. Highly informative and entertaining. Many thanks to David Lloyd for sharing so many interesting 'Conversations' in this series.