Shannon Smith @gwenllian RIP

Listening to many hours of boos and waves about our friend @gwenllian, Shannon Smith who, sadly, passed away a few days ago I've been moved to tears. I never met Shannon but she always supported me in such a way as to make my life more bearable. She genuinely cared about us and expressed that to us many times. She died in her 30s, way too young.

Here are Shannon's thoughts on Audioboo, from 1st September…

….and here is just one example of our outpouring of shock, grief and thankfulness, by Simon (@sm2n) who completely echoes my thoughts at this time.

End Of Audioboo

My last post on Audioboo(m).

(2017-09-22 - I included a thank you to Shannon @gwenllian, I hope she heard it.)